All Rammstein Albums Ranked by Sales

Rammstein albums ranked by sales

It has been 30 years since Rammstein was founded. The band has released eight studio albums and two live albums and sold 21 million albums worldwide. Despite being a German band, Rammstein sold more than half of these albums outside Germany.

Top 10 Rammstein Albums Ranked by Sales

10. “Völkerball” (2006)

Rammstein released their second live album, “Völkerball,” in November 2006. The album features recordings of Rammstein’s live performances during their “Reise, Reise” tour in 2005 and 2006. The concerts took place in various cities across Europe. The DVD version contains documentary footage titled “Anakonda im Netz” (“Anaconda in the Net”), offering fans a glimpse into the band’s experiences on tour, interviews, and other behind-the-scenes moments.

“Völkerball” has sold 465,000 copies and ranks tenth on our list.

Rammstein Völkerball album cover
Völkerball by Rammsein, album cover

9. „Zeit“(2022)

In 2022, when the whole world was dealing with the pandemic, concerts and festivals were canceled, and the whole music world was in despair. The members of Rammstein worked on this album and again did not disappoint their fans.

Rammstein’s album “Zeit” contains 11 tracks. Especially the song “Dicke Titten” on the album was like an anthem foreshadowing the war that was about to confront a part of Eastern Europe. This track became one of the most popular Rammstein songs on YouTube.

Rammstein’s “Zeit” sold 476.000 copies and entered the Top Ten of Rammstein’s best-selling albums.

Zeit by Rammstein, album cover
“Zeit” by Rammstein, album cover

8. „Rammstein“ (2019)

Eighth on our list is Rammstein’s self-titled album. The Neue Deutsche Härte industrial metal band included 10 songs in the album “Rammstein.”.

Released in 2019, one of the most popular songs on the album was “Deutschland.” Till Lindemann and Richard Kruspe wrote the song, which has reached 458 million views in the last year. The song features the thoughts of someone who is almost addicted to Germany.

“Deine Liebe ist Fluch und Segen
(Deutschland) meine Liebe
Kann ich dir nicht geben

“Your love is a curse and a blessing
(Germany) my love
I cannot give you

Rammstein’s album “Deutschland” received triple platinum and sold a total of 900,000 albums.

Rammstein by Rammstein, album cover
“Rammstein” by Rammstein, album cover

7.„Rosenrot“ (2005)

Rammstein’s album “Rosenrot” sold over 1 million copies and went triple platinum like “Deutschland´´.

Released in 2005, the album reached number one in many European countries, including Germany. Although the song “Mann gegen Mann” on the album attracted great attention, it was also subjected to much criticism because of the video.

Rosenrot by Rammstein, album cover
“Rosenrot” by Rammstein, album cover

6. „Live aus Berlin“ (1999)

“Live aus Berlin” is Rammstein’s first live album. Released 5 years after the band was formed, this album is one of Rammstein’s best-selling albums.

This album, which played a major role in making Rammstein a band known all over the world, reached 1.1 million album sales and earned the band platinum status.

Live aus Berlin by Rammstein, album cover
“Live aus Berlin” by Rammstein, album cover

5. „Liebe ist für alle da“ (2009)

Rammstein’s album “Liebe ist für alle da” contains 11 songs.

“Ich tu dir weh” is one of the most streamed songs on this album. The song depicts a power dynamic where one person asserts complete control over another, doing things like manipulating and causing pain without feeling sorry. It’s like the singer has all the power, and no matter how much the other person goes through, the singer doesn’t care.

“Liebe ist für alle da” has sold 1,120.000 copies.

Liebe ist für alle da by Rammstein, album cover

“Liebe ist für alle da” by Rammstein, album cover

4. „Reise, Reise“ (2004)

“Reise, Reise” contains 11 songs. The album cover features a photo taken by the band’s guitarist, Paul Landers. It depicts a black box of a plane with the band’s logo. The image reflects themes of travel, destruction, and rebirth.

As with many Rammstein albums, “Reise, Reise” contains controversial and provocative lyrics. The band often explores taboo subjects, and the lyrics of this album are no exception, touching on themes of war, love, and human nature.

“Reise, Reise” has sold 1.550.000 copies.

Reise, Reise by Rammstein, album cover
“Reise, Reise” by Rammstein, album cover

3. „Herzeleid“ (1995)

“Herzeleid” is Rammstein’s debut studio album. Herzeleid means “heartache” or “heartbreak” in English. The title reflects the album’s thematic focus on pain, suffering, and emotional intensity. The album features one of Rammstein’s most famous songs, “Du riechst so gut (You Smell So Good).”

The lyrics of “Du riechst so gut” are characterized by love and passion, employing the metaphor of the sense of smell to describe the attraction and sensuality between two individuals. The lines of the song vividly depict the sensual experiences associated with the presence of a beloved person. The use of the sense of smell emphasizes the physical and emotional closeness between the two. The song can be interpreted as an expression of intense passion and attraction.

“Herzeleid” ranks in the top 3 of Rammstein’s best-selling albums. Released in 1995, the album has sold 1.535.000 copies.

Herzeleid by Rammstein, album cover
Herzeleid by Rammstein, album cover

2. „Mutter“ (2001)

The album “Mutter” has a very special place for Rammstein’s fans. “Sonne” and “Mein Herz brennt”, two of Rammstein’s most popular songs, are included on this album.

The songs from the album “Mutter” have become a staple of Rammstein’s live performances. The band is known for its theatrical shows, and many of the songs from this album have been used in their famous pyrotechnics and stage shows.

The album was a commercial success, reaching the top of the charts in several countries. “Mutter” has sold 2,400.000 copies.

Mutter by Rammstein, album cover
“Mutter” by Rammstein, album cover

1. „Sehnsucht“ (1997)

“Sehnsucht” is Rammstein’s best-selling album. It is the band’s second studio album, and it proved that Rammstein would remain in the music world for a long time and would be one of the best bands in the world.

One of the most successful songs of the album, “Sehnsucht”, was “Du Hast‘”. Although the song is 27 years old, it has been viewed 562 million times on Rammstein’s official YouTube channel in the last 8 years. It has become one of the first songs that comes to mind when Rammstein is mentioned. “Du Hast” is followed by “Engel” with 198 million views.

“Sehnsicht'” sold 3,205,000 copies.

Rammstein will continue to be remembered for their unique style. If you want to know more about the band with the most loyal fan base in the world, you should take a look at our article called “Rammstein members.”

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