Brad Pitt reveals his favorite songs (updated, 2024)

Brad Pitt's favorite songs

Did you know that Brad Pitt is a big rock and metal fan? The list of Brad Pitt’s favorite songs is full of rock and metal songs. In an interview, Brad Pitt revealed his favorite songs.

Brad Pitt, one of the most successful actors in the world and the star of films such as Babylon, Ocean’s Eleven, Snatch, Seven Years in Tibet, Fight Club, and many more, has been in the dreams of many women for years. Not only women but also men, especially those who have seen Brad Pitt’s physique in Fight Club, can’t help but admire and envy him.

In an interview in 1988, Brad Pitt said that his favorite rock band was Radiohead and that he even considered them the Kafka of our time. In another interview, Pitt revealed his favorite songs and of course, he didn’t forget Radiohead.

Brad Pitt's favorite songs
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Brad Pitt’s favorite songs

Here are Brad Pitt’s favorite songs:

  1. The Bends by Radiohead (1995)
  2. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd (1979)
  3. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It) by The Rolling Stones (1974)
  4. Turn the Page by Metallica (1998)
  5. November Rain by Guns N’ Roses (1992)
  6. Ready to Start by Arcade Fire (2010)
  7. All My Life by Foo Fighters (2002)
  8. Hawkmoon 269 by U2 (1988)
  9. My Doorbell by The White Stripes (2005)
  10. Imitation of Life by R.E.M. (2001)
  11. Duncan by Paul Simon (1972)
  12. Amsterdam by Coldplay (2002)
  13. Los Endos by Genesis (1976)
  14. The Ballad of Curtis Loew by Lynyrd Skynyrd (1974)
  15. Sam’s Town by The Killers (2006)

Here are some information about Brad Pitt’s favorite songs and the playlist:

The Bends by Radiohead (1995)

Radiohead’s second studio album, The Bends, was released on March 13 by Parlophone. With additional production from Radiohead, Nigel Godrich, and Jim Warren, it was produced by John Leckie. Unlike Radiohead’s 1993 debut album Pablo Honey, which includes the iconic song Creep, The Bends includes guitar tracks and ballads with more subdued arrangements and mysterious lyrics.

The title track from Radiohead’s album The Bends, showcases their alternative rock sound with a mix of emotions. It’s a fan favorite and reflects the band’s evolving style.

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd (1979)

Comfortably Numb is the second song on the list of Brad Pitt’s favorite songs. It is a famous song by the band Pink Floyd. They released it in 1979.

The song is about a rock star named Pink who feels lonely. He gets medicine that makes him deaf when he is on stage.

The song has very cool guitar solos. Many people like it because it is strong and sad at the same time. It’s one of Pink Floyd’s best songs and it’s played a lot. Sometimes you hear it in movies and on the radio.

It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It) by The Rolling Stones (1974)

This classic rock song by The Rolling Stones has a fun and rebellious spirit. It’s a celebration of the joy of rock ‘n roll.

It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It) is like a musical firework from the legendary Rolling Stones. Imagine you’re at a cool party and this music makes you dance – that’s exactly how this song feels.

The band sings about how they don’t care about big things, they just love rock music. With its infectious melody and energetic rhythm, you might find yourself singing along and rocking out. If you’re looking for a song that brings good vibes, this song is definitely a hit you don’t want to miss!

Turn the Page by Metallica (1998)

Metallica covered this song originally by Bob Seger. Their version is a heavy and emotional take on the life of a touring musician, resonating with the rock and metal audience.

Turn the Page is a song by Metallica from 1998. The song has a reflective mood and tells the story of a musician on tour, describing the ups and downs of being on the road. The music has a calm, almost melancholic sound accompanied by strong guitar riffs.

Turn the Page is a cover of a song by Bob Seger from the 1970s. Metallica’s version gives the song a rocky feel and reflects the life of a traveling artist. The song became successful in the rock charts and is an example of Metallica’s ability to interpret quieter and more thoughtful pieces.

November Rain by Guns N’ Roses (1992)

November Rain is an iconic song by the band Guns N’ Roses from 1992. The song is taken from their album Use Your Illusion I.

The song is known for its epic length of over 8 minutes and its mix of a rock ballad and orchestral arrangement. The emotional ballad is sung by Axl Rose, the band’s vocalist, and it features catchy piano and guitar melodies.

November Rain is about love, loss, and farewell. The song has often been associated with the visually stunning music video trilogy, which also features the band members in various emotional scenarios.

Ready to Start by Arcade Fire (2010)

Ready to Start is a 2010 song by Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire. The song is featured on their album The Suburbs.

Ready to Start is characterized by its energetic and rousing mood. The melody is catchy and the band brings their signature blend of indie rock and art pop to the song.

The song’s lyrics address ambivalence towards success and the pressure to live up to expectations. It’s about dealing with insecurities and fears while getting ready to break new ground.

All My Life by Foo Fighters (2002)

All My Life is a 2002 song by the U.S. rock band Foo Fighters. The song is taken from their album “One by One.”

All My Life is known for its raw energy and powerful guitar riffs. The song stands out with its fast tempo and dynamic instruments. The song lyrics reflect a mixture of longing, desire, and intensity. It expresses the feeling that someone is willing to give everything for what they love.

The song won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2004.

Hawkmoon 269 by U2 (1988)

Hawkmoon 269 is a song by the Irish rock band U2, released in 1988. The song is from their album Rattle and Hum. Here are some important information about the song:

Hawkmoon 269 is known for its bluesy rock sound and the distinctive voice of Bono, the lead singer of U2. The lyrics of the song contain symbolic and poetic elements. The title Hawkmoon 269 is itself mysterious and leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

The song was released as a single but did not achieve the same popularity as some of U2’s other hits. It was an integral part of U2’s live performances during their Rattle and Hum tour.

My Doorbell by The White Stripes (2005)

My Doorbell is a 2005 song by the U.S. duo The White Stripes, taken from their album Get Behind Me Satan.

My Doorbell is characterized by its catchy melody and minimalist sound that The White Stripes are known for. Its lyrics use the metaphor of a doorbell to talk about relationships and communication.

The song was released as a single and received positive reception from critics and fans. The signature combination of Meg White‘s drumming and Jack White‘s guitar and vocals gives the song a unique sound.

Imitation of Life by R.E.M. (2001)

Imitation of Life is a 2001 song by U.S. alternative rock band R.E.M. The song is taken from their album Reveal.

Imitation of Life is characterized by its upbeat melody and catchy chorus. The song lyrics are about the superficiality and staging in our modern world, hence the title “Imitation of Life.”

The song was released as a single and was a commercial success. It reached high rankings in the charts. The music video for the song is known for its use of time-lapse effects and visual metaphors.

Duncan by Paul Simon (1972)

Duncan is a 1972 song by US singer-songwriter Paul Simon, featured on his solo album Paul Simon.

Duncan is characterized by its folk-rock melody and acoustic guitar sound. The song lyrics tell the story of a man named Duncan who is looking for freedom and simple life.

Amsterdam by Coldplay (2002)

Amsterdam is a 2002 song by the British band Coldplay, taken from their album A Rush of Blood to the HeadIt is known for its emotional depth and melancholic sound. The song’s lyrics reflect themes of longing, farewell, and the pursuit of change.

The song Amsterdam by Coldplay was written by all four members of the band: Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion.

Amsterdam is the closing song of the album A Rush of Blood to the Head and is often considered one of the highlights of the album. The music is carried by piano and guitars and has a thoughtful yet poignant atmosphere.

Los Endos by Genesis (1976)

Los Endos is a 1976 instrumental song by the British progressive rock band Genesis, taken from their album A Trick of the Tail. Here are some important information about the song:

Los Endos is characterized by its complex musical structure and progressive rock feel.

The song is a kind of medley that takes elements from various other songs on the album A Trick of the Tail and weaves them into a new whole.

It was released after a break from the band and the departure of Peter Gabriel as the singer of Genesis. It shows the musical evolution of the band under their new singer Phil Collins.

The Ballad of Curtis Loew by Lynyrd Skynyrd (1974)

The Ballad of Curtis Loew is a song by the American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd from 1974. It is known for its Southern rock sound and its narrative lyrics.

The song tells the story of a fictional character named Curtis Loew, a street musician who plays blues guitar. The narrator reflects on his encounters with Curtis and the impact he had on his life.

The song was not released as a single, but it became a fan favorite and a staple in Lynyrd Skynyrd’s live performances. It is one of the tracks from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s album “Second Helping”, which played an important role in establishing their signature Southern rock sound.

Sam’s Town by The Killers (2006)

Sam’s Town is a song by the American rock band The Killers, released in 2006.  It is the title track of The Killers’ second studio album, also titled Sam’s Town.

The song has an anthemic and arena-rock feel, with a mix of synth-driven elements and rock instrumentation, and the lyrics of Sam’s Town reflect a sense of nostalgia, looking back on memories and the passing of time. The song’s title references a hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Learning about Brad Pitt’s favorite songs has been really interesting. It’s like getting a sneak peek into what kind of tunes make him tick. Just like how he’s great at acting, his taste in music is quite impressive too. From rock hits to emotional songs, he likes a bit of everything, which shows he’s got a big heart for art.

As we’ve seen his list of favorite songs, it’s clear that he’s got a wide range of musical tastes, just like his acting roles. It’s amazing how music can touch our hearts and bring us all together, no matter who we are.

We wish him a happy life and a successful career.

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