How do rock stars stay skinny?

How do rock stars stay skinny

We think of rock stars as people who lead a disorderly life, consume too much alcohol, have sleepless nights, and even consume many substances that are harmful to human health. When we live such a life, we believe that we will not have a long and healthy life. But when we look at some of the world’s most famous rock stars these days, such as Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop, we see that many of them lead long lives and are incredibly thin and healthy. How do rock stars stay skinny?

How do rock stars stay skinny

Does Mick Jagger have an exercise routine?

Did you know that Mick Jagger works out twice a day?

Mick Jagger is 80 years old and one of the skinniest rock stars. At 80 years old, he is still able to perform at a high level as if he has lost none of his energy. How can Mick Jagger stay so skinny?

Mick Jagger, the legendary frontman of The Rolling Stones, has been known for his active lifestyle and exercise routine. He has been committed to staying physically fit throughout his career, which has contributed to his energetic stage presence and ability to perform at a high level even as he’s aged.

Mick Jagger’s exercise routine has reportedly included a combination of cardiovascular activities, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Some aspects of his routine include:

Cardiovascular Exercise

Jagger has been known to engage in activities like running, cycling, and swimming. These aerobic exercises help improve cardiovascular health, endurance, and overall fitness.

Strength Training

He has incorporated strength training exercises to build and maintain muscle mass. This can include weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and resistance training.

Yoga and Stretching

To maintain flexibility and agility, Jagger has practiced yoga and incorporated stretching routines. These activities can improve balance, prevent injuries, and enhance overall mobility.


Given his dynamic stage performances, dancing has been an integral part of Jagger’s exercise routine. Dancing is not only a form of cardiovascular exercise but also a way to improve coordination and rhythm.

What does Mick Jagger eat

What does Mick Jagger eat?

Along with exercise, Jagger has reportedly focused on maintaining a healthy diet. A balanced and nutritious diet can play a significant role in supporting overall fitness and well-being.

Mick Jagger, takes good care of what he eats. He likes a mix of different foods that give him energy and keep him healthy. His meals include lean proteins like chicken, fish, and beans that help his muscles stay strong. He also enjoys lots of fruits and veggies that have important vitamins and fiber to keep him feeling good.

He gets his energy from whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, which help him rock on stage. Mick also likes healthy fats from avocados and nuts that give him power and keep his body in great shape.

Staying hydrated is important, so Mick drinks plenty of water to keep his energy up and his body working well. He also tries to avoid sugary and processed foods that can make him feel tired.

Iggy Pop reveals his health secrets

At 76 years of age, Iggy Pop is another skinny rock star with incredible energy and powerful muscles. So how does Iggy Pop manage to have this physique at his age?

If you want to know more about the evolution of Iggy’s physique, you should definitely watch Jim Jarmusch’s Stooges documentary, Gimme Danger. The documentary contains photos of Iggy from 1970 to 2016 and detailed information about this time.

Iggy Pop's diet plan

What does Iggy Pop eat?

If you want to follow Iggy’s path, but you are a person who likes meat and animal products, you might have a hard time because Iggy Pop is vegan.

Iggy’s dietary choices focus on plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and plant-based proteins.

Iggy, like Mick Jagger, is a sports fanatic. Apart from being active in his stage shows, he also gives importance to exercise and sports in his private life. Besides, Iggy Pop has a climbing wall in his house.

What does Iggy Pop eat?
Iggy Pop’s abs

As it turns out, there are no secret secrets to living lean and healthy. Living a healthy life, getting enough exercise, eating a healthy diet, avoiding excess sugar, and eating natural products are some of the most important points for a healthy lifestyle.

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