Berlin dropped investigations against Rammstein’s Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann and Shelby lynn

Berlin dropped investigations against Rammstein’s Till Lindemann.

After 2 months of waiting, Rammstein fans finally got some good news. The Berlin prosecutor’s office has decided to drop the investigation against Rammstein.

Why did the prosecutor’s office drop the investigation against Till Lindemann?

After evaluating the available evidence, there was no evidence that the defendant performed sexual acts on women against their will, gave them substances that influenced or eliminated their will, or exploited a power imbalance with underage female sexual partners to induce them to have sexual intercourse, the prosecutor’s office said.

Lindemann’s lawyer said on Tuesday:

“that the prosecution’s investigation did not uncover any evidence or circumstantial evidence to charge my client with committing sexual offenses. There was simply nothing to the allegations.” 

On the Internet and in the media there had been “serious prejudgements” without foundation. The lawyers of Till Lindemann said that they will continue to take legal action against inadmissible representations.

After this news, the lead singer of Rammstein also commented on Instagram and thanked the fans.

Investigations against Till Lindemann dropped
Image: Images/Redferns

“No concrete factual indications of sexual offenses by the accused”

The prosecution has evaluated the documents. According to Shelby Lynn’s allegations, which related to a concert in Lithuania, evaluation of the documents revealed “no concrete factual evidence of sexual offenses by the accused,” the prosecutor’s office said. It also commented on the hematomas, stating, “The origin of a bruise could not be specifically assigned.”

The statements of another witness, who initially made accusations via Youtube, “remained too unspecific in the interrogations“. She also did not describe any criminal incidents that she had experienced herself, the investigating authority explained. The circumstances she described either represented inferences from observations or had been described to her by others. Other possible witnesses named by her had either also not observed anything criminal or could not be identified.

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