Is AC/DC Australian or Scottish?

Is AC/DC Australian or Scottish

Is AC/DC Australian or Scottish? This question is difficult to answer.

You will find different opinions if you search the web for the answer to this question. That’s understandable because we’re not talking about individual people or a family but about a band. Who or what determines the origin of a band? It is also possible that a band has members from different nations. Does the country in which a band was formed determine the origin of a band? How are we going to answer such a question?

In our article, AC/DC members: Girls, all night parties and rock & roll, we wrote in detail about the childhood of the Young Brothers, their family, their youth, and the founding of the band.

As many of you know, the founders of AC/DC, the Young brothers, are from Scotland. They were born and raised in Scotland. When they emigrated to Australia, the brothers George Young, Angus Young, and Malcolm Young were between eight and twenty-one. This means that they grew up with Scottish culture. However, as the brothers spent their childhood and youth in Australia, they were also influenced by Australian culture.

Is AC/DC Australian or Scottish?

AC/DC is Australian.

AC/DC was formed in Australia. The original members of AC/DC were Dave Evans, Angus Young, Malcolm Young (his older brother), Larry Van Kriedt, and Colin Burgess. The Young brothers are Scottish. Dave Evans, Larry Van Kriedtis, and Colin Burgess are Australian musicians.

Since AC/DC was founded in Australia and more than half of the band members are Australian, it can be said that AC/DC is an Australian band. Not only because of the members but also because of the style of the band. Many Australian musicians think that you can hear the Aussie sound in AC/DC’s music. They were influenced by both countries and cultures.

What do you think about this topic? Is AC/DC Australian or Scottish?

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