Rammstein and the young women of the “Row Zero”

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With new information coming in every day, the puzzle that Shelbys Lynn has uncovered is beginning to unravel. After the “Suck Box” incident, there is one more question that has been on people’s minds: Many Women have claimed that they were sexually assaulted by Till Lindamann. However, who has chosen the women who are allegedly sexually assaulted by Till Lindemann? What is the meaning of the term “Row Zero” that is talked about all the time?

We gave detailed explanation and information about the “Suck Box“. An insider named Aeneas Hohenadl, who is the CEO of Riggingwerk, told the Welt that under the Rammstein concert stage there is a room where sexual practices took place between some women and Rammstein members. Therefore, the room is called “Suck Box“. What about Rammstein`s Row Zero?

Rammstein`s Row Z’ero

The term “Row Zero” appears frequently in the context of the current abuse allegations against Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann. It refers to those allegedly pre-selected people who are allowed to stand directly in front of the stage at Rammstein shows. These are said to be women who are allegedly recruited for sex with the singer. According to various media reports, a woman named Alena Makeeva is responsible for this.

Rammstein`s Row Zero
Till Lindemanns and Alena Makeeva

Who is Alena Makeeva?

According to Welt, Alena Makeeva is a slim, dark-haired Russian woman who is in her mid 30s. She introduces herself to people as Rammstein’s “casting director.” What does that mean? Why does Rammstein need a “casting director”?

Makeeva is said to have mentioned in an interview that she comes from a small village in Russia. Even as a child, she dreamed of this and one day getting close to the big stars. Her posts on social media show her posing in hotel bars and on beaches. In her photos she can be seen with stars like Nick Cave, Marilyn Manson and Iggy Pop. She even claims to have had affairs with some of the stars you can see in the photos. She is said to have met Till Lindermann at a concert.

Did Alena Makeeva pick Shelby Lynn?

Shelby Lynn is from Ireland a big fan of Rammstein. Although she didn’t understand the lyrics, she found the melodies and style of Rammstein very appealing.

According to Welt, Since Shelby Lynn has never seen Rammstein live on stage. The concert in Lithuania was a big deal for her. She was happy because it will be the first time she will see the Band, of which she was a very big fan, live. She told the world that she often went to concerts with friends or her sister, but she had never traveled so far for a concert.

Before she went to the concert in Lithuania, she was on some online forums where she had read that there were exclusive parties before or after the concerts. She had also learned that after the concerts you can have a special access to the band. The contact person was the name of Alena Makeeva. Lynn is said to have found her on Instagram and contacted her. Alena Makeeva saw her message and sent her a link to a private WhatsApp group.

According to contacts in the music business, she joined the band’s inner circle around four years ago. Makeeva is a significant player in this case. When the topic of “Row Zero” is discussed, her name pops up in every online account and forum. The front row of the audience is Row Zero, which is directly in front of the stage. Before the show, crew members film or take pictures of anyone the band has invited.

Shelby Lynn at the concert in Lithuania

Shelby Lynn came to Lithuania. At the concert she met with the other girls from the WhatsApp group. These girls had also been invited by Makeeva. Makeeva herself was not at the concert in Vilnius.

A member of the band crew wanted to have told the girls to stand close to each other in “Row Zero”. Then he is said to have walked down the row and filmed the girls one after the other, repeatedly zooming directly into their faces, including that of Lynn. That struck her as odd, and she hadn’t understood the reason.

This is what she tells the police on her screen in the interrogation.

What was the reason for this video? Did they film the girls so that Till Lindemann could choose the women. The German public prosecutor’s office investigates Till Lindemann. The truth will soon come into the light.

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