Did Rammstein’s Suck Box exist?

Rammstein suck box

New information about Till Lindemann vs. Shalby Lynn comes to light every day. After the term “Row Zero“, another creative term has emerged: “Suck Box” (schwarzer Raum). Did Rammstein´s Suck Box exist?

According to Stern, a music industry insider has come forward and shared information about the so-called “Suck Box”.This Insider is called Aeneas Hohenadl.

Aeneas Hohenadl is the CEO of the event company “Riggingwerk”. Riggingwerk is also said to have worked in the past with partners such as “Rock am Ring” and the “SAP Arena” and artists such as Udo Lindenberg. Rammstein is also said to be a sub-partner of the company.

Did Rammstein`s “Suck Box” exist?

Hohenadl told “Welt” that the goings-on behind the Rammstein stage had been an “open secret.” He reported a “Suck Box,” a room located under the concert stage. He says that the room is called “Suck Box” because sexual practices between Rammstein singer Till Lindemann and women are alleged to have taken place in it.

Aeneas Hohenadl feels left alone

Hohenadl cannot accept that the music industry remains silent about the accusations surrounding Rammstein. He describes the current situation as “false neutrality” and believes that the statements of those affected should be taken seriously and that the statements should not be responded to with silence.

Hohenadl’s company had worked with Rammstein as a sub-partner in the past. Rigginsgwerk has ended the collaboration with Rammstein with the following statement: “I exclude a collaboration with Till Lindemann or the band Rammstein in the future,”. “Riggingwerk” distances itself from the band and does not want to accept the group’s behavior, he added.

Who chose the women? According to Hoendal’s statement, regardless of the “Row-Zero” system, security personnel were also given the task of going through the rows during the concerts and recruiting young women for the “Suck Box”.

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Image credit: “Rammstein – Concert à Bercy” by mayanais is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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