Rammstein: The official statement of Till Lindemann’s lawyers

The official statement of Till Lindemann's lawyers

The German public prosecutor’s office is still investigating Rammstein’s Till Lindemann. There is news in the Rammstein case. The expected statement came on 26 June 2023. The media lawyers of Till Lindemann have published a three-page public statement in which they comment on some allegations. Here is the official announcement of Till Lindemann’s lawyers:

The official statement of Till Lindemann’s lawyers

In the official statement, the lawyers of Till Lindemann also talk about the results of the Lithuanian police. They write that the prosecutor’s office in Vilnius, Lithuania, has closed the investigation initiated by Shelby Lynn’s complaint.

Shelby Lynn had claimed that she was drugged during the Rammstein concert in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the next day discovered numerous hematomas on her body. We had published pictures of Shelby Lynn’s hematomas.

In order to further clarify Shelby Lynn’s allegations and to provide the court with more evidence to resolve the case, Lindemann’s lawyers sent the photos and the video of the hematoma posted by Shelby Lynn on Twitter to the Institute für Rechtsmedizin der Uniklinik Köln (Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University Hospital of Cologne) and asked for a report to be prepared.

An expert report was prepared by Prof. Dr. Markus Rothschild, director of the institute. This report was based solely on pictures and video footage and Shelby Lynn was not physically examined. In the report, Prof. Markus Rothschild came to this diagnosis:

“In general, the morphology and localization of the documented injuries speak rather of an accidental event; therefore, on the basis of the findings alone, an external influence can be completely ruled out from the outset. However, from a forensic point of view, the findings are not typical for an external impact.

In particular, in addition to what was presented in 4.1, there is no indication of sexual violence as a cause of the injuries documented in the witness. It is true that in this case, too, sexual assault or rape cannot be ruled out on the basis of the injury findings alone. But conversely, there is no indication of sexualized violence.”

It is relatively difficult to come to a very clear result only with photos and a video non of the hematomas. You must also remember that this is not an official judicial document.

Rammstein Shelby Lynn
Headquarters Of Prosecutors Office. Vilnius, Lithuania

Why did the prosecution in Vilnius stop the investigation against Till Lindemann?

The official statement of Till Lindemann’s lawyers says that the Lithuanian prosecutor’s office has closed the investigation because they don’t have enough evidence and only pictures are not enough for a trial or a lawsuit.

Some well-known lawyers from Germany are also of the opinion that even in Germany only pictures would not suffice as evidence for an investigation. Nevertheless, the public prosecutor’s office has decided to open an investigation. For this Shelby Lynn also thanked the authorities and all who have supported her with a tweet:

Rammstein Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn’s twitt

In this statement, one can find information about Shelby Lynn and news agencies such as Spiegel that Lindamann’s lawyers “attacked” with written warnings.

Image credit: Rammstein-Sänger Til Lindemann Foto: Getty Images / Venla Shalin 

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