The 9 Best Female Screamers and Growlers in Metal

The best female screamers

Anything a man can do, a woman can do. Women have proved that in the world of metal music. Especially in death metal, screaming and growling are performed with great success. They do it so well that you can’t tell if it’s a man’s voice or a woman’s voice. In this article, we will take a look at the best female screamers.

The best female screamers and growlers in metal

Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)

Before Alissa White-Gluz, Angela Gossow held the vocal reins for Arch Enemy. Gossow’s aggressive growls and commanding stage presence shattered stereotypes.

Angela’s intense growls shine on the album “Doomsday Machine” (2005). Tracks like “Nemesis” and “My Apocalypse” showcase the band’s signature melodic death metal sound. “Doomsday Machine” further established Arch Enemy as a force in the metal scene.

Angela Gossow has been an inspiration to female metalheads.

Angela Gossow is screaming
Angela Gossow

Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist, Arch Enemy)

Alissa White-Gluz started her music career with the band The Agonist. Formed in 2004 under the name The Tempest, the band changed its name to The Agonist in 2007.

Alissa joined Arch Enemy in March 2014, and the band released their second best-selling album, “War Eternal.”

Alissa White-Gluz started her music career with the band The Agonist. Formed in 2004 under the name The Tempest, the band changed its name to The Agonist in 2007. After this album, Alissa’s name was heard all over the metal world.

Alissa’s guttural growls have solidified her as one of the best female screamers in metal.

Candace Kucsulain (Walls of Jericho)

Candace Kucsulain is an American musician best known as the vocalist for the hardcore punk and metalcore band Walls of Jericho. She was born on January 5, 1978, in Taylor, Michigan, USA.

Walls of Jericho was formed in 1998, and Candace has been a consistent member. In addition to her powerful voice, she has written many lyrics for the band. Her harsh screams earned her a respectable reputation as one of the best female screamers in metal.

Candace Kucsulain is screaming and growling
Candace Kucsulain

Sabina Classen (Holy Moses)

Sabina Classen is German. She was born on December 14, 1963, in Aachen, Germany.

She has been a driving force in the metal community for several decades and is best known as the frontwoman and founder of the thrash metal band Holy Moses.

From Holy Moses’s 1980 formation until now, Sabina Classen has been a vocal dynamo, helping to pioneer the thrash metal scene. Classen remains a significant figure among the best female screamers in the metal scene, with her characteristic growls and unyielding anger.

Sabina Classen is screaming
Sabina Classen

Karyn Crisis (Crisis)

Karyn Crisis, born Karyn Crisis-Gildenlöw on June 3, 1972, is an American vocalist, visual artist, and writer. She was the former lead vocalist for the metal band Crisis.

Crisis released several albums, including “Deathshead Extermination” (1996) and “Like Sheep Led to Slaughter” (1994), during Karyn’s tenure.

Karyn Crisis is on our top ten list of the best female screamers in metal.

Karyn Crisis
Karyn Crisis; “Gospel Of The Witches”

Otep Shamaya (Otep)

Otep Shamaya, commonly known as Otep, is an American singer, songwriter, poet, and activist. Born on November 7, 1979, in Shamaya’s early life, she developed a passion for music, poetry, and social issues. Otep was the frontwoman and founder of the nu-metal band Otep.

Otep was formed in 2000, and their debut album, “Sevas Tra,” was released in 2002. Over the years, Otep released several albums, including “House of Secrets” (2004), “The Ascension” (2007), and “Hydra” (2013). Each album demonstrated Otep’s evolving musical style and continued commitment to addressing social and political issues in her lyrics.

Apart from her musical career, Otep Shamaya is an outspoken activist, addressing topics such as LGBTQ+ rights, animal rights, and feminism.

Otep Shamaya is one of the best female growlers in metal.

Otep Shamaya is screaming
Otep Shamaya

Morgan Lander (Kittie)

Morgan Lander was born on January 6, 1982, in London, Ontario, Canada. Morgan, along with her sister Mercedes Lander, formed Kittie in 1996, when they were still in high school.

Over the years, Kittie went through various lineup changes, but Morgan and Mercedes remained consistent members. The band released several albums, including “Oracle” (2001), “Until the End” (2004), and “I’ve Failed You” (2011).

Morgan Lander on stage
Morgan Lander

Hecate (Gallhammer)

Gmerallham, a blackened doom metal outfit from Japan, features the haunting screams of Hecate.

The founding members of Gallhammer are Vivian Slaughter (bass, vocals) and Uni (guitar, vocals). The band’s early lineup also included Mika Penetrator on drums, who left the band in 2005. Vivian Slaughter and Uni then continued as a duo, occasionally using session drummers for live performances and recordings.

Gallhammer’s lyrics often touch on dark and introspective themes, and their overall aesthetic aligns with the more atmospheric and experimental side of extreme metal.

Gallhammer – Crucifixion

Irina Zybina (Arkona)

Irina Zybina is the frontwoman for the Russian pagan metal band Arkona.

Irina is a musician who attracts attention not only with her screams but also with her beautiful voice.

Irina Zybina
Irina Zybina

From the ferocious growls of Alissa White-Gluz to the atmospheric screams of Hecate, these women have not only shattered stereotypes but have become integral to the evolution of metal.

Who is your favorite female screamer in metal? Let us know in the comments!

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