Till Lindemann’s Wife: A Look at His Personal Life

Till Lindemann's Wife

Till Lindemann has been in trouble with the law lately. Several women, including Shelby Lynn, have filed criminal complaints against Lindemann and the German public prosecutor’s office investigates Till Lindemann. Is there a spouse who is negatively affected by these situations? Is Till Lindemann married? We have gathered Till Lindemann’s wives, all the women in his life, marriages, and a lot of information about his personal life in this article.

Till Lindemann does not like to share information about his wives, girlfriends, children, and personal life. Amplified Anthems has researched and collected a few details from his past for you.

Till Lindemann’s first wife

One of the most well-known aspects of Lindemann’s non-public life is his marriage. He has been married twice.

Till Lindemann was born on January 4, 1963, in Leipzig, Germany. In 1985, when he was 22 years old, he became a father for the first time. Till Lindemann`s first wife is named Marieke Lindemann. She gave birth to a daughter Nele Lindemann. The marriage failed shortly after that. Till Lindemann raised his daughter alone for seven years after the separation.

Nele Lindemann is a singer in the band “Lindemann DubZ” and works at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe. Daughter Nele gave birth to a son in 2008 and made Rammstein`s frontman Till Lindemann a grandfather.

 Till Lindemann's daughter
Till Lindemann and Nele Lindemann

Till Lindemann`s second wife

Lindemann`s second wife is Anja Köseling, a teacher and mother of his second daughter. Lindemann`s second daughter is called Marie-Louise. She was born in 1993. Four years later, this marriage also failed.

Köseling is a former dancer and choreographer. She met Lindemann while working on a music video for his band Rammstein. 

After her divorce from Lindemann, Köseling continued to work as a dancer and choreographer. She has also worked as a non-public trainer and yoga instructor. She is currently the director of a dance college in Berlin.

Köseling is a personal individual who no longer regularly speaks about her personal life. However, she has stated that she is close to her daughter Marie Louise and that they are very supportive of each other. 

 Till Lindemann first wife
Anja Koseling and Till Lindemann( Source : youtube )

Does Till Lindemann have a son?

In the 2017 interview with Playboy, which Till Lindemann conducted together with buddy Joey Kelly of the Kelly Family, both talk about wanting to travel to the Amazon with their sons. So apparently the Rammstein frontman has another child. With whom, however, remains unclear.

Till Lindemann`s ex-girlfriend Sophia Thomalla

In addition to his marriages, Lindemann has additionally been in countless relationships. He dated actress and model Sophia Thomalla. Sophia Thomalla is 25 years younger than Till Lindemann.

Sophia Thomalla was born in 1989 in East Berlin. She is the daughter of actress Simone Thomalla and actor André Vetters. Thomalla grew up in Berlin until she was seven and then moved to Cologne with her mother.

In 2006, TV director Sigi Rothemund gave her her first role in the ARD crime thriller Commissario Laurenti, in which she played the film daughter of Henry Hübchen and Barbara Rudnik.

But because her acting career did not quite work out yet, Sophia Thomalla first applied for the casting of Germany’s Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum on ProSieben in 2009. In mid-2010, Thomalla tried her hand at casting again and took part in the dance show Let’s Dance, which she even won with her dance partner Massimo Sinato.

The relationship, which was always considered on-off, officially ended when Sophia Thomalla showed herself kissing Norwegian musician Andy LaPlegua on Instagram in November 2015.

Till Lindemann`s ex girlfriend Sophia Thomalla
Till Lindemann and Sophia Thomalla

Despite his nature, Lindemann has opened up about his existence in a few interviews. In a 2015 interview with Metal Hammer, he said he is a “complicated person” and has “made a lot of mistakes” in his life. However, he also stated that he is “proud of what I have achieved” and “happy with my life.”

Lindemann’s better halves have performed a sizable role in his life. He is a complex and non-public man. However, he is additionally a gifted musician and a loving father. His non-public life may further be shrouded in mystery, but there is no doubt that he is a charming individual.

Does Till Lindemann have children?

Yes, Till Lindemann has two daughters, Nele and Marie Louise. Nele was born to his first wife, Marieke Lindemann. Marie Louise was born to his second wife, Anja Köseling.

Nele is a photographer who has taken pics of her father and Rammstein for several years. She is also a mother of one. Marie Louise’s occupation is unknown, but she is believed to dwell in Berlin.

Both Nele and Marie Louise have saved a low profile in the course of their lives. They have hardly ever spoken about their father in the media, and they have not appeared in any of Rammstein’s music videos. However, they are close to their father and support his career.

Lindemann has stated that he is proud of his daughters and that they are the most necessary human beings in his life. He additionally said that he is inspired by them and that they keep him grounded.

Till Lindemann`s siblings

Till Lindemann has a sister named Saskia, who is known to be his younger sibling. 

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