3 Metallica Albums That Dave Mustaine Contribute To

What Metallica albums was Dave Mustaine on

Metallica, one of the best heavy metal bands in the world, has changed many members for different reasons since the day it was founded. One of them was Dave Mustaine. He was in Metallica for a short time. What Metallica albums was Dave Mustaine on?

Lars Ulrich, a 16-year-old Dane, decided to go to Los Angeles and make music. An 18-year-old, long-haired Black Sabbath fan applied for the job and came to see Lars Ulrich. On that day, Lars did not know that he and this young man would spend the rest of their lives playing on stages and forming the most famous heavy metal band in the world. This 18 year old young man with long hair was James Hetfield. As a result of this meeting, Metallica was formed in 1981. In the same year Dave Mustaine joined Metallica.

What Metallica albums was Dave Mustaine on?

Metallica started in 1981 with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Lloyd Grant. In 1982, after Lloyd left Metallica, the band searched for a new guitarist and met Dave Mustaine. Dave Mustaine joined Metallica in 1982.

Dave Mustaine joined Metallica in 1982
Metallica with Dave Mustaine, 1982

Dave Mustaine left Metallica in 1983 for different reasons. Due to arguments between Mustaine and the band members and Mustaine’s substance abuse, the other Metallica band members decided that Mustaine had to leave.

Metallica released its first album, Kill ‘Em All, in 1983, two years after its formation. Dave Mustaine was not the guitarist on Metallica’s first album because before the album was released.

Dave Mustaine was not on any Metallica albums. However, during his time with Metallica he was the co-writer on 3 songs:

  • “The Four Horsemen” – (1983, on “Kill ‘Em All)
  • “Jump in the Fire” – (1983, on “Kill ‘Em All)
  • “Phantom Lord” – (1983, on “Kill ‘Em All)

Why was Dave Mustaine kicked out of Metallica?

Dave Mustaine’s departure from Metallica in 1983 stemmed from a blend of personal and professional factors. His exit primarily resulted from internal conflicts within the band, encompassing disagreements with fellow members regarding the musical direction, struggles with substance abuse, and a confrontational demeanor.

A significant incident that catalyzed Mustaine’s departure unfolded during a trip to New York City when he engaged in a physical altercation with Metallica’s co-founder and drummer, Lars Ulrich. In the aftermath of this confrontation, the other Metallica members decided to part ways with Mustaine

Dave Mustaine has addressed his departure from Metallica in various interviews throughout the years. He has openly acknowledged his battle with alcohol and substance addiction during his tenure with the band, which exacerbated the tensions.

Do James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine still speak?

Although forty years have passed, the relationship between Dave Mustaine and Metallica had not improved until recently. But some time this year, Dave Mustaine stated in an interview with Consequence that he had reconnected with Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield and had become friends again.

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