8 Best Music Festivals in Montreal, Canada

Best Music Festivals in Montreal

Montreal hosts several renowned music festivals that draw visitors from all over the world. Festivals like Osheaga, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and MUTEK showcase a diverse range of artists and genres, catering to a wide array of musical tastes. No matter what genre you like, Montreal will not leave you alone. Let us take a closer look at the best music festivals in Montreal, Canada.

Best Music Festivals in Montreal

Here are the 8 best music festivals in Montreal, Canada:

  • Osheaga Music and Arts Festival
  • Jazz Fest
  • ÎleSoniq
  • POP Montreal
  • Mutek
  • Suoni per il Popolo
  • Heavy Montreal
  • Piknic Électronik

1. Osheaga Music and Arts Festival

The iconic Osheaga Music and Arts Festival is one of Canada’s biggest and most prestigious events. It will take place from August 4 to 6, 2023 at Parc Jean-Drepeau in Montreal, Canada. The open-air event features more than 100 bands in the genres of indie, rock, pop and electronic music on six stages. In the week leading up to Osheaga Music & Arts Festival 2023, this will be accompanied by a series of concerts and art exhibitions throughout the Montreal area.

Confirmed top artists for the Osheaga Music & Arts Festival 2023 lineup include Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, Rüfüs Du Sol, The Flaming Lips, Aya Nakamura, Joey Bada$$, Bicep, Wallows, Rina Sawayama and many more. However, the organizer will soon reveal more artist names. For all the latest info on Osheaga Music & Arts Festival 2023, check out the official site.

Osheaga Music and Arts Festival 2023 – Date: August 4 – 6, 2023

Rock in Rio 2023 – Location: Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, CA

Official website: https://osheaga.com/en

Best music festivals in Montreal Canada
Osheaga Music and Arts Festival

2. The Montreal International Jazz Festival

The Montreal International Jazz Festival, often called Jazz Fest, is a world-renowned get-together of jazz music and its numerous subgenres. This festival attracts over two million site visitors annually, making it the biggest jazz pageant in the world.

It was created in 1980 by the great Ray Charles. Since then, thousands of musicians and entertainers from all over the world have gathered every year in the heart of Montreal to experience an unforgettable time and to fully immerse themselves in their passion for jazz.

For ten days, over two million music lovers enjoy around a thousand concerts and events here. Between the shows, the visitors of the festival have the opportunity to enjoy various dishes of international cuisine.

World-famous musicians will play indoors and outdoors over 10 days, including Diana Krall, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Melody Gardot, Herbie Hancock, Thundercat, Vance Joy, Christine & the Queens, BADBADNOTGOOD, and many others. They will perform at the Festival with numerous well-known performers who will be making their maiden appearances as well as fresh budding jazz stars!

We’ll see you in the Quartier des Spectacles from June 29 to July 8, 2023. Come hear the sounds of Montreal’s summer nights.

The Montreal International Jazz Festival 2023 – Date: June 29 to July 8, 2023

The Montreal International Jazz Festival 2023 – Location: in the Quartier des Spectacles,

Official website: https://www.montrealjazzfest.com

Best Music Festivals in Montreal, Canada
The Montreal International Jazz Festival Line up

3. ÎleSoniq

ÎleSoniq is an electrifying music competition committed to digital dance track (EDM) and its subgenres. With an extraordinary lineup of nearby and international DJs, ÎleSoniq transforms Parc Jean-Drapeau into a pulsating off-doors dance party.

From the infectious beats of residence and techno to the high-energy performances of EDM superstars, this pageant can provide an unforgettable journey for digital song aficionados. With attractive stage manufacturing and a vibrant crowd, ÎleSoniq is a must-visit match for those who crave an immersive EDM experience.

ÎleSoniq 2023 – Date: August 12 and 13, 2023

ÎleSoniq 2023 – Location: Parc Jean-Drapeau

Official website: https://ilesoniq.com

Best music festivals in Montreal
ÎleSoniq line up

4. POP Montreal

For indie track lovers, POP Montreal is a treasure trove of emerging intelligence and choice sounds. This five-day festival showcases over four hundred artists across several venues in the city, imparting an eclectic mix of indie rock, punk, hip-hop, and more.

Beyond music, POP Montreal facets workshops, film screenings, and artwork exhibitions, creating a multidisciplinary trip for attendees. The festival’s emphasis on inclusivity and fostering a feeling of community sets it apart, making it an intimate and immersive party of unbiased music.

 2023 – Date: Sep 27 – Oct 1, 2023

 2023 – Location: Montréal, QC.

Official website: https://popmontreal.com/

Best Music Festivals in Montreal, Canada


A total of 80 live performances will take place over six days and nights at five venues in Montréal’s Quartier des Spectacles. There is one exception: the festival’s opening event will take place at the 175-year-old New City Gas, an old industrial building that used to convert coal into natural gas to light the city’s streets.

In addition to workshops, lectures and other educational programs, the festival’s unique selling point is its live performances and immersive art installations.

Since 2000, the festival has attracted visitors and artists from all over the world. The program is always carefully selected for innovative creations in music and digital art. The “Mu” in Mutek deliberately refers to the concept of “mutation,” the organizers write on their website. Over the past two decades, a festival has emerged that enjoys a good reputation far beyond Canada’s borders and continues to contribute to the development of the local scene in Montréal.

Mutek 2023 – Date: august 22 – 27, 2023

 2023 – Location: Montréal at the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles

Official website: https://mutek.org/

Best music festivals in Montreal

6. Suoni per il Popolo

Suoni per il Popolo, translated as “Sounds for the People,” is a unique festival that showcases experimental and avant-garde music. With a focal point on pushing artistic boundaries and exploring unconventional genres, this matches performances with experimental rock bands, improvisational artists, noise musicians, and more.

Suoni per il Popolo embraces the spirit of experimentation, attracting each neighbourhood and global act, pushing the boundaries of sound and music. For this pageant affords a clean departure from mainstream conventions fore looking for a genuinely avant-garde and mind-expanding musical experience.

Suoni per il Popolo 2023 – Date: Thursday, June 1, 2023 – Friday, June 23, 2023

Suoni per il Popolo 2023 – Location: La Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC

Official website: https://suoniperilpopolo.org/

Suoni per Il Popolo 2023 Tickets - null | Bandsintown

7. Heavy Montreal

Rock and metal fanatics accumulate at Heavy Montreal, a competition that celebrates the power and intensity of these genres. Showcasing each setup act and rising stars, Heavy Montreal offers a high-energy experience with headbanging performances, mosh pits, and a passionate crowd.

From classic rock to heavy metal, attendees can revel in their preferred bands’ thunderous soundscapes and electrifying stage presence. The pageant also incorporates a range of associated genres, together with punk and hardcore, making it a numerous and inclusive party of heavy music. With its uncooked electricity and unapologetic inclusion of all things heavy, this competition is a paradise for metalheads.

 2023 – Date: 23 July 2023 – 24 August 2023

 2023 – Location: Montreal at Parc Jean-Drapeau

Official website: https://heavymontreal.com/en

Best Music Festivals in Montreal, Canada
Heavy Montreal

8. Piknic Électronik

Piknic Électronik is one of the best music festivals in Montreal. It provides a unique combination of nearby and international DJs, delivering a variety of digital music genres. Attendees can groove to the pulsating beats while playing the picturesque surroundings.

With its laid-back atmosphere, family-friendly environment, and emphasis on community, Piknic Électronik has become a beloved subculture in Montreal. Whether you’re a professional electronic song aficionado or simply looking for a memorable outdoor experience, Piknic Électronik is the perfect destination to dance, connect, and rejoice the energy of digital music.

 2023 – Date: May 22nd to October 2nd

 2023 – Location: Parc Jean-Drapeau

Official website: https://piknicelectronik.com

Best Music Festivals in Montreal, Canada
Piknic Électronik Line Up


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