Frances Bean Cobain’s Net Worth

Frances Bean Cobain's Net Worth

Is being Kurt Cobain’s daughter a curse or a blessing? The only person who can answer that question is Frances Bean Cobain. What is Frances Bean Cobain doing these days? How is she doing financially? And did she inherit anything from her father, Kurt Cobain?

Frances Bean Cobain inherited a considerable amount of land from her father, Kurt Cobain. Of course, the land wasn’t the only inheritance.

Before his death, Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of one of the most successful bands in the world, Nirvana, which sold 75 million albums, 30 million of them in the US. In an interview with Dave Grohl, the drummer of the band, when asked about his net worth, he said that it was about $15 million.

After Kurt Cobain died, his wife, Courtney Love, won the right to own 98% of Nirvana’s publishing rights. When the writing rights were added to the publishing rights, Love’s value increased to approximately 130 million dollars. In addition to these, we should not forget Kurt Cobain’s personal belongings and the houses they bought together.

These were not the only sources of income for Frances. When she was eighteen, she was entitled to 37% of Kurt Cobain’s estate. Since then, she gets 100,000 dollars a month. However, the real income came when Frances turned 30.  When she turned 30, she was entitled to a $30 million trust fund.

The Cobain estate has continued to generate revenue through various channels, including music royalties, merchandise, and licensing agreements. This financial stewardship has solidified Frances as a formidable force in the business world, distinct from the shadows cast by her legendary parents.

Although Frances had enough wealth to never have to work a day in her life, she followed in her father’s footsteps and took up music. In addition to music, she was also interested in art and modeling.

Frances Bean Cobain’s net worth

While the public eye has followed Frances Bean Cobain with avid interest, her financial success and professional pursuits have increasingly come into focus. In recent years, Frances has showcased her talents as an artist, model, and executive producer, demonstrating a versatile skill set that extends far beyond the realm of her famous lineage.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Frances Bean Cobain inherited $200 million from the Nirvana estate.

As of today, Frances Bean Cobain has a net worth of approx. $250 million.

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