Does Shelby Lynn know what Rammstein’s suck box looks like?

Rammstein's suck box

An insider had claimed that there is a black room called the suck box under the concert stages of Rammstein, where young women and Till Lindemann meet for oral sex at the concerts. Did Rammstein’s suck box exist? Was Shelby Lynn in this black room? It all started on the first of June with the following tweet from Shelby Lynn:

“I am the girl that was spiked at Rammstein,”

She also posted pictures of her injuries and wrote:

“Bruising including what seems to be finger marks from being grabbed maybe. I don’t know when these bruises happened because I was so off my head under the influence of something. This is from the night of and morning after.”

After these photos, hard times began for Rammstein and Till Lindemann.

Shelby Lynn had filed a complaint in Lithuania, however, the Lithuanian police decided that the available evidence was not enough to bring a charge and decided not to prosecute Till Lindemann. However, the Berlin prosecutor’s office decided to prosecute without making a detailed statement.

Rammstein’s suck box

According to information received from an insider, there is a room under the stage at Rammstein’s concerts which is called the suck box. Did Rammstein’s suck box exist?

Welt claims that Shelby Lynn is not the only woman who has experienced similar harassment. According to Welt, many women describe similar incidents and share their experiences before and after the Rammstein concerts.

Does Shelby Lynn know what Rammsteins’ suck box looks like?

Shelby Lynn shared in several tweets what happened that day between her and Till Lindemann. She also explained everything in great detail to the Lithuanian police.

According to Shelby Lynn’s statement, this is what happened at the concert:

Shelby Lynn was positioned as planned in row zero as the concert began. She claims she requested the girl sitting next to her to watch out for her. Her excitement at the prospect of meeting one of her heroes had given way to worry, the fear of becoming involved in something she did not want. She claims, “I’d never felt like that in my life,” and clarifies that drinking was not the cause. She claims that after that, a crew member brought her to a little space under the stage. Was the room Rammstein’s suck box?

She was kneeling on the floor with her arms defensively encircling her legs when Lindemann entered the room. He yelled in anger because one of his crew members had informed him that she wanted to have sex with him. Lindemann walked out of the room in frustration.

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